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Supporting the TOTS Campaign

Can-Do Child® is so pleased to support the Turn On The Subtitles campaign.

Turning on the Subtitles doesn't replace reading with children, it's still really important to do that, but when children are watching TV or any kind of screen, doing one simple thing - turning the subtitles on - can help them on their reading journey, and make a significant difference to becoming really good readers.

Evidence from a study of over 2000 children showed that when children were exposed to just half an hour of subtitled film songs each week, alongside their usual schooling, 70% became good readers, compared to just 34% from schooling alone.

It’s easy, free, and will significantly increase the chances of children becoming confident, lifelong readers. What's not to love?!

Click on the logo below to learn more about the brilliant TOTS campaign, and how it's become the world's biggest literacy project, with dedicated YouTube channels, and a global pilot on Netflix, or watch the fantastic Stephen Fry explain in his unique way, why he is supporting  Turning On The Subtitles (watching time: 1m10s).


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